Wholesale Information

Wholesale account instructions

If you have not already done so please setup your new account.  This has to be setup to get wholesale pricing.  Once you have this setup (we normally approve within an hour.)  You will need to login in to see wholesale pricing.  To login go to the upper right hand corner and select the middle icon which is the symbol of a person.

All metro Denver deliveries are still on Thursdays and Colorado Springs is on Fridays.

Looking to carry locally made beverages in your business and buy wholesale?  We service all industries including;

  • Coffee Shops

  • Breweries

  • Restaurants 

  • Local Grocery Stores

  • Office buildings and Office Spaces

  • Apartment Building

  • Spas

  • Locally owned businesses

Why carry beverages on tap or by bottle?

If you are a coffee shop, brewery or restaurant this gives you an healthy option of locally made products other than soda, coffee, tea or beer increasing your average sale.

If you are an office, office or apartment building or locally owned business providing your customers and employees is a great way for them to feel at home.

We offer the following sizes 

12 oz. bottles (Switching to cans in the next couple of months)

32 oz. returnable bottles

1/6 BBL Kegs "Sixtels" (5 Gallons)

1/2 BBL Kegs "Half Barrel Kegs"   (15.5 Gallons)


Order and Delivery Information

Orders are due Tuesdays by 5:00 PM

Metro Denver deliveries are on Thursdays.

Colorado Springs are currently on Fridays.