How we are protecting you with Covid-19 and things you should do.

Once your order arrives please wipe bottles down with soap and water or disinfectant wipes.

Our procedures to make sure we keep you safe.


Bottle will be filled after hours when customers are not allowed to enter and to prevent disruptions and distractions.

Employee filling bottles will wash hands for 30 seconds and then place gloves over their hands.  Any changing of task requires hands to be rewashed and new gloves put on hands.

once bottles are filled they will be wiped down with a sanitized towel and placed in boxes.  Boxed will be then taped up and placed in cooler on cart.  

In the morning delivery driver will wash hands and place gloves over hands.  Cart will be moved out of cooler into vehicle for transport.  Once the driver reaches your destination they will place clean gloves on and will place your box is designated location (Porch, side of house etc...).  We will not ring the doorbell.